Payments & Accounts

Accounts Department

Our fees are payable monthly in advance and are fee calculated calendar monthly. Our accounts department then invoices you directly to your email address on or around the 15th of every month.

We accept Standing Orders, BACs, Debit cards as well as Childcare Vouchers.
Parents/carers are able to contact the accounts dept. on:
01708 551614 or [email protected]

Families may be able to access financial support to help with the cost of childcare fees.

Parents as Partners

Parent Portal allows parents direct and secure access to data such as allergies, dietary and medical requirements, as well as contact numbers saved in Abacus.

They can also view nursery invoices and payments to see how their account stands in real time, and view and print sessions themselves.


The staff love the children like their own and my childs key worker has gone the extra mile to bring my sons speech delay forward. I couldn’t feel more at ease leaving both my children at this nursery whilst I work. thank you to all the amazing staff.


Extra Tax Credits
Parents/carers who work and pay for childcare, may be able to get tax credits to help with the cost. You can claim as soon as you start paying childcare costs.

For more information please visit:

Job Centre
The job centre may help parents/carers back into work by assisting with a nursery deposit or may contribute to your first month’s fees.  Please visit your local Job Centre for further information.
Childcare Vouchers
Childcare Vouchers offer a great way to support working parents/carers by helping them save up to £1,195 per year on childcare. Contact you employer for more information on childcare vouchers.
Free Early Education and Childcare
All three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours of free nursery education for 38 weeks of the year. Parents/carers are requested to provide documentation, as required by the Local Authority, for their child to enable the nursery to complete the application process. We offer this as one full day per week for 52 weeks of the year.

Care To Learn
If you are a parent under 20 at the start of your course, Care to Learn can help pay for your childcare and related travel costs while you are in education. You can choose whether you want to learn at a college or through a course in your community, such as at a Children’s Centre. Wherever you decide to learn, you can be confident that your child is being safely looked after.

Bursary Childcare Allowance
To be eligible to apply for Childcare Allowance you must use a registered childcare provider. In addition, your child or children must be aged under 15 on the first day of the academic year (or, if they have special educational needs, they must be aged under 17 on this day). The allowance pays up to 85% of your childcare costs, to a net maximum amount of £126.65 per week for one child and £187.85 per week for two or more children.

The Childcare Allowance is subject to an income assessment for all students in the same way as the NHS Bursary Dependants Allowance. How much you will receive will depend on the income available to you and your family.